Sri. B.Y. Vijayendra


Shri Vijayendra Yediyurappa



Shri Vijayendra Yediyurappa has emerged as a notable political figure in Karnataka, known for his strategic prowess and leadership skills. As the son of Shri BS Yediyurappa, the former Chief Minister, he has navigated his political path with a blend of his father's guiding principles and his own independent strategies.

Armed with a law degree, Shri Vijayendra has dedicated himself to serving the people of Karnataka from the onset of his political career. His effective approach was prominently displayed during the 2018 assembly elections, where his efforts significantly bolstered the BJP's support base, earning him a respected place within the party.

In April 2018, he assumed the role of General Secretary of the BJP State Youth Wing, where his extensive travels across Karnataka helped him connect with young voters, breathing new life into the party's youth wings and laying a solid foundation for future electoral victories.

By 2019, Shri Vijayendra's contributions were further acknowledged when he was appointed as the State Vice President of Karnataka BJP, a position he held until October 2023. His leadership was instrumental in the K.R. Pet constituency in Mandya district and the Sira Constituency in Tumkur district, where his strategies not only increased the BJP's vote share in areas with traditionally limited presence but also secured victories in both by-elections.

In November 2023, Shri Vijayendra took over as the State President of Karnataka BJP. His presidency is distinguished by innovative strategies and a deep commitment to engaging with the community. Notably, he embarked on an ambitious 10,000-kilometer tour of the state within 70 days, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to achieving the party's goals.

During his tenure, Shri Vijayendra has prioritized reaching out to marginalized communities and voicing criticisms against the INC Government's policies. His efforts to fortify alliances, notably with JD(S), have significantly enhanced the NDA's standing in Karnataka, setting the stage for future electoral gains.

In essence, BY Vijayendra Yediyurappa plays a pivotal role in Karnataka's political landscape, adopting a hands-on approach, focusing on community engagement, and remaining committed to public service. Continuing his father's legacy, his work is aimed at positively impacting the lives of Karnataka's citizens through dedicated public service and governance.